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Kenley's Krew
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Kenley's Krew Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $10,000.00
Total Raised: $12,893.59

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 75
Members Recruited: 78

Join our team and join the fight to conquer arthritis!

This is the 5th year that Kenley's Krew will participate in the Walk to Cure Juvenile Arthritis. We are especially excited that Kenley will serve as the Youth Honoree this year!

The money we raise, as a team, will help the more than 50 million Americans and 300,000 children with arthritis live better today and to keep the Arthritis Foundation’s promise of finding a cure for tomorrow. Be a Champion of Yes - join our team and raise funds to fight arthritis and find a cure, all while having A LOT OF FUN! If you aren’t able to join the team, we’d appreciate your donation to help reach our goal.

Team Members:
Total Raised$12,893.59  
General Team Donation$645.00  
Dongi Huss$386.00  
   Brianne Brown$0.00  
   Brody Brown$0.00  
   Penelope Brown$0.00  
   Lorrie Buecksler$25.00  
   Morgan Campbell$340.00  
   Vicki Campbell$0.00  
   jenn Carpenter$200.00  
   Olivia Danner$0.00  
   Tanya Danner$0.00  
   Avery Deiter$150.00  
   Camryn Deiter$150.00  
   Carrie Deiter$200.00  
   Kenzie Devine$0.00  
   Julia Flowers$125.00  
   Kaitlyn Flowers$185.00  
   Natalie Flowers$135.00  
   Patty Flowers$100.00  
   Brecken Forster$0.00  
   Carrie Forster$0.00  
   Lacey Forster$0.00  
   Peighton Forster$0.00  
   Ryan Forster$0.00  
   Charlene Harmon$50.00  
   Ross Hoernemann$0.00  
   Camden Holz$0.00  
   Chad Holz$0.00  
   Chris Holz$0.00  
   Glen Holz$0.00  
   Karen Holz$0.00  
   Kristin Holz$0.00  
   Lauren Holz$0.00  
   Tyler Holz$0.00  
   Brady Huss$0.00  
   Chuck Huss$0.00  
   Jason Huss$0.00  
   Kenley Huss$9,622.59  
   Sharon Huss$0.00  
   Addison Johnson$0.00  
   Darcy Johnson$0.00  
   Deb Johnson$0.00  
   Ella Johnson$0.00  
   Kurt Johnson$0.00  
   Landon Johnson$0.00  
   Alex Kuck$0.00  
   Michelle Leach$50.00  
   Jett Maahs$0.00  
   Kate Maahs$0.00  
   Alison Malecha$0.00  
   Jennifer Malecha$50.00  
   Christina Nelsen$50.00  
   Cory Olson$50.00  
   Henry Olson$0.00  
   Laurel Prince$0.00  
   Amelia Rodine$0.00  
   Darren Rodine$0.00  
   Michelle Rodine$0.00  
   Riley Rodine$0.00  
   Ike Sayre$0.00  
   Maxwell Sayre$0.00  
   Simon Sayre$0.00  
   Stacey Sayre$0.00  
   Jason Skorczewski$0.00  
   Sara Skorczewski$0.00  
   Jaiden Tuft$0.00  
   Jessica Tuft$250.00  
   Max Tuft$0.00  
   Paul Tuft$0.00  
   Piper Tuft$0.00  
   Julie VanRiper$0.00  
   Angela Wakely$10.00  
   Kristiana Wakely$10.00  
   Zephie Wakely$10.00  
   Andrea Wallace$50.00  
   Ellen Wallace$50.00  
   Cori Young$0.00  
   Jackson Young$0.00  
   Maddie Young$0.00  

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