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To start a new team, click on the 'Create New Team' link to the right of the level to add the team underneath that level. Click the 'Join Team' next to the team in which you want to become a team member.

 Group StructureActionLeader Name
Create New TeamCaptain KGAT
     Abby's Army MNJoin TeamDawn Lewis-Rau
     Al's PalsJoin TeamTobie Anderson
     Amelie's ArmyJoin TeamMikka Willits
     Anna 4 A CureJoin TeamAnna Fuerniss
     Anna's BananasJoin TeamEric Melbye
     Anneli's Assembly of SuperherosJoin TeamKarin Olson
     ArrianangelsJoin TeamArrian Madden
     Avery UnitedJoin TeamErika Vaughn
     Brenna's BrigadeJoin TeamBrenna Drevlow
     Caroline's CrewJoin TeamCaroline Pranke
     Chloe's ClanJoin TeamJoel Barzee
     Deephers For A CureJoin TeamNicole Doyle
     Felicity's Fantastic FightersJoin TeamFelicity Schultz
     Fiona's FriendsJoin TeamAndrea Lemon
     Gia's MinionsJoin TeamMelissa Johnson
     Hannah's HeroesJoin TeamTheresa Nace
     Jack's JourneyJoin TeamAnn Friedges
     JAM with JuliaJoin TeamChristy Wills
     Jaxon's J-WalkersJoin TeamJaxon Noon
     Jess for the CureJoin TeamBrian Jones
     Julia's JA Teddy Bear TeamJoin TeamJulia Pearson
     Julian's GroupiesJoin TeamRachel Macias
     Kenley's KrewJoin TeamDongi Huss
     knees need loveJoin TeamAnna Wikstrom
     Kylie's KrewJoin TeamCharles Murray
     Laney's BugsJoin TeamCassandra Headrick
     Lindsey's PeepsJoin TeamLindsey Cook
     Linnea's Little LeagueJoin TeamCharla Cary
     Lou's CrewJoin TeamJill Grensteiner
     Luci's LeagueJoin TeamElly Garrity
     LupitisJoin TeamMaria Bruno
Tori Byklum
Lauren Schhoenfelder
Mary Vaughan
     Maddie's MarchersJoin TeamMaddie O Connell
     Madelynʻs MissionJoin TeamMadelyn Beyer
     Maria's Fighting IrishJoin TeamDebi Grant-Smith
     Maya's TeamJoin TeamMaya Evans
     Megan's TeamJoin TeamMegan Olson
     Molly's MissionJoin TeamJessica Jones
     Natalie DrescherJoin TeamNatalie Drescher
     Paige's PalsJoin TeamKatie Goehner
     Shaylene's DreamJoin TeamAngela Pike
     Team AmberJoin TeamKimberly Hysjulien
     Team AmeliaJoin TeamJamielynn Sparre
     Team AudreyJoin TeamAudrey Iverson
     Team CodyJoin TeamJeremy Sandberg
     Team EmilyJoin TeamMelissa Priester
     Team JackieJoin TeamStacey Hayes
     Team Kenna KJoin TeamAlicia Bandelin
John Bandelin
     Team KinleyJoin TeamShannon Trevorrow
     Team LilyJoin TeamLily Koehler
     Team MarcellaJoin TeamAnna Hoffman
     Team McCarrollJoin TeamKasey McCarroll
     Team MitchellJoin TeamAnna Granum
     Team RadtkeJoin TeamAbby Radtke
     Team SammyJoin TeamSamantha Lueck
     Team StephanieJoin TeamTony Capman
     TeamEmilyJoin TeamEmily McNaughton
     The Jack RabbitsJoin TeamJack Deegan
     The ZebrasJoin TeamMichelle Deysach
     Timnato's SquadJoin TeamTimmie Fornengo
     Tommy's TeamJoin TeamThomas Wilfong
     Walk for GraceJoin TeamNicole Pater
     William's WarriorsJoin TeamThomas Mccomas

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